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Ok, I will be working on a new full website, I have to get back to politics.  

I talk about recording an album and I get super aggressive hacking.  I record on tape, and any computer that I use for audio or non public video work is never connected to the internet.  I am in no hurry to record, I am still in the writing and composition stage, this will be a record and write type project.   I leave the option open to record labels, you all need good artists, the music I am hearing on pop radio isn't worthy of spending money on.  There's nothing that stands out that makes me want run out and buy an album.  Ok, that is generalizing, but the music that is out there sounds like the stuff that the A and R person rejected in the 1980's.   I decided that I have to do...something, anything!  

About me

Age: Not much

Race: After I put in a new engine and swap tires

Single (NOT married)(NOT Divorced)

Straight  (NOT gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans gendered) 

I am NOT on:

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any of the others.

I do comment on blogs frequently

I do not own a cell phone, tablet,  smart phone, or smart watch.  I don't have a land line, and I don't talk on a phone.